Protect your oil pan with a Red46 Skid Plate

  • CNC Laser Cut
  • Stainless Steel
  • Comes with metric hardware including steering rack bolts and instructions

Skid Plate Fitment:

M10 - Early 318 with M10 engine (pre 1985)
M20 - All E30's with M20 engine (325, 325i, 325e)
M30 - All M30 Swapped E30's
M42 - Late 318 with M42 engine
24V - All 24V Swapped E30's (M5x and S5x) using E34 oil pan
You have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into the suspension of your BMW. But without a skid plate your oil pan now sits dangerously close to the ground.
A skid plate gives you the piece of mind to drive around at the lowest of ride heights. Not to mention preventing hundreds if not thousands of possible engine damage.
Current Stock:
24.00 (in)
4.00 (in)
18.00 (in)


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E30 Skid Plate

Jordan on Jun 7th 2017

We have installed these plates on several race and street vehicles over the past few years. We have taken off 2 "other guy" skid plates and replaced them with the Red46 plate due to damage. We have never seen a damaged engine with a Red46 skid plate! It works! Also very strait forward to install.

Must have for racing

Brian E on Feb 21st 2017

Tough as nails. Saved countless oil pans.

A MUST for slammed rides.

Kamol K Chin on Feb 15th 2017

Save yourself the trouble of going through pans every week and just get it!!!

Quality product

Vlad Bukshteyn on Oct 28th 2016

Install is incredibly simple, just make sure your radiator is nowhere near were you are drilling (speaking from experience) took me about 30 minutes to install on my driveway in no rush. Would reccomend to anyone with a lowered anything!

For all E30s with an M42, this is a must.

John on Oct 17th 2016

Extremely functional and designed with practicality in mind, Red 46 skid plates are possibly the best-value accessory you can find for your old-school Bimmer. This is especially true for those of us who have a late-model E30 318i/318is. I assume the same could be said about any Bimmer with an M4x engine, but the only application I can vouch for from experience is use with an E30. Bottom line? If your suspension isn’t in pristine condition, and you don’t intend on replacing/upgrading it ASAP, then you NEED a Red 46 skid plate. It took me an unfortunate encounter with a steel-plate-atop-asphalt that you encounter in & around construction sites to realize this. Don’t wait until you bust your oil pan. It’s a crappy situation, and fixing it isn’t cheap. By comparison, the (impeccably-designed and well-built) sump armor you can get from Red 46 is an absolute steal. If you’re perusing this site and thinking, “Hmm… is it *really* worth the money?” wonder no more. The answer is yes. I cannot give a more earnest recommendation.

Piece of mind

Peter on Sep 17th 2016

This product is the best protection and very easy to install. Since my swap I kept looking at how low my oil pan sits, now since install Ii can drive with confidence that my engine is protected. I have scraped several times and product stands up to its name, it is truly sump armor. Thanks Peter oh yeah forgot to say that it shipped super fast


Matt on Jul 18th 2016

I love how fast it was shipped. The quality of the product was amazing. The customer service was outstanding

RallyCross worthy

Owen Ward on Jul 12th 2016

Took a little bit of effort to get the radiator guard to line up with the front of the plate but after some hammering it set nicely. Saved my oil pan from several hard hits during a long weekend of rallycross in western Maryland. I wouldn't go back without one.