Protect your oil pan with a Red46 Skid Plate

  • CNC Laser Cut
  • Stainless Steel
  • Comes with metric hardware including steering rack bolts and instructions

Skid Plate Fitment:

M10 - Early 318 with M10 engine (pre 1985)
M20 - All E30's with M20 engine (325, 325i, 325e)
M30 - All M30 Swapped E30's
M42 - Late 318 with M42 engine
24V - All 24V Swapped E30's (M5x and S5x) using E34 oil pan
You have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into the suspension of your BMW. But without a skid plate your oil pan now sits dangerously close to the ground.
A skid plate gives you the piece of mind to drive around at the lowest of ride heights. Not to mention preventing hundreds if not thousands of possible engine damage.
Current Stock:
24.00 (in)
4.00 (in)
18.00 (in)


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sump armor rocks!

Lester Garcia on Aug 24th 2018

Great skid plate, awesome build. Took a couple hours to install but finally made it work. Thanks for the peace of mind red46!!!

E30 24v

Henry B on May 25th 2018

Great product! The shipping was super fast and both the skid plate and hardware are top quality. Installation was super easy even with the radiator still in. the e34 oil pan on the s52 sticks out way lower than the old m20 oil pan did, and given I was scraping before the swap, I'm sure this will save me from many a speed bump.

E30 skidplate

pyrobooby on Apr 12th 2018

Very good quality, fit right up, must have for peace of mind, these E34 pans are getting more expensive and harder to find by the day.

E 30 skid plate

James Pickel on Mar 26th 2018

Great fit and quality..looks great on my car!

24v e30 skid plate

Briley on Jan 25th 2018

Very nice quality skid plate, scrape it going down my driveway every time but leaves me with peace of mind that its not my oil pan hitting the ground

Piece of Mind and Quality!

Nathan Parks on Jul 5th 2017

My e30 is only on H&Rs and after shaving a little off my oil pan after going over a speed bump I knew I needed a skid plate! The Red46 sump armor plate is the most sturdy yet beautiful work of art that is on the market. The craftsmanship of this product is top notch. I wouldn't bother with any other companies skid plate for an e30. Also will a cut off wheel you can easily make this plate work with your factory undercarriage cover. I just cut a slot for the sump armor to slide into and it works perfectly! Props to Red46 for making a great product!

E30 Skid Plate

Jordan on Jun 7th 2017

We have installed these plates on several race and street vehicles over the past few years. We have taken off 2 "other guy" skid plates and replaced them with the Red46 plate due to damage. We have never seen a damaged engine with a Red46 skid plate! It works! Also very strait forward to install.

Must have for racing

Brian E on Feb 21st 2017

Tough as nails. Saved countless oil pans.